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    Macanudo Portofino is a highly rated, mild-bodied cigar blend that promises an irresistibly smooth and mellow smoking experience. Crafted with precision, each panatela boasts a premium combination of Dominican and Mexican fillers, expertly bound by a Mexican binder, all carefully wrapped in an oily Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. To ensure optimum freshness even outside of a humidor, each stick is conveniently enclosed in a secure aluminum tube, making it the perfect cigar to accompany you on your travels. Despite its mellow smoke, these classic cigars offer a delightful complexity of flavors, revealing hints of almonds and spice, culminating in a creamy finish that can be savored any time of day. Measuring at a substantial 7 x 34 size, Macanudo Portofino comes in boxes of 25 tubed cigars, presenting an indulgent opportunity for cigar enthusiasts.