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Meet the Bosses

Friends and Buffalo Bills fans for 35 years, Kevin and Dennis share a love for cigars and learning about the industry, which led them to start Cigar Mafia. Both businessmen living in different time zones who spend too much time working thought a shared business would give them an excuse to see each other more and a project to manage later during "retirement". Their main goal is to provide high-quality cigars at an affordable price to share their passion for cigars.

Kevin and Dennis find cigars an excellent way to relax and get their minds off their neverending to-do lists. The pair meets several times a year in Las Vegas to watch football at their favorite cigar lounge, the Montecristo at Caesars. There you can find them gorging themselves on lobster mac & cheese, discussing the greatness of Jim Kelly and Josh Allen and dreaming of the Bills players celebrating with one of their premium "Victory of Celebration" cigars after winning the Superbowl.

They hope Cigar Mafia cigars allow others a chance to slow down and relax, connect with friends, and create lasting memories.

Kevin Reinhart

Kevin Reinhart is a world-traveling, Fortune 500 company businessman whose passion for the Buffalo Bills keeps his heart in NY and his ego humble. Although formally educated, receiving his MBA from the University at Buffalo School of Management, Kevin's knowledge and sentiment for fine cigars make him a valuable asset to Cigar Mafia. 

As a dedicated father and devoted husband, Kevin loves fiercely, works hard, and plays even harder. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, especially Dennis, whom he's known since childhood.