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    Cigar Mafia: A Brotherhood Forged in Smoke and Sports

    Friends for 35 years and die-hard Buffalo Bills fans, Dennis Scovazzo and Kevin Reinhart share more than just a love for football; they share a deep passion for cigars and the industry that surrounds them. Living in different time zones and juggling demanding careers, they saw an opportunity: a shared business venture that would not only give them an excuse to spend more time together but also serve as a project for their "retirement years." Thus, Cigar Mafia was born, with a mission to offer high-quality cigars at affordable prices.

    Several times a year, the duo meets in Las Vegas to catch football games at their favorite haunt, the Montecristo Cigar Lounge at Caesars Palace. Amidst lobster mac & cheese and spirited discussions about Bills legends like Jim Kelly and Josh Allen, they dream of the day their "Victory or Celebration" cigars will be part of a Super Bowl win for the Bills.

    Cigar Mafia is more than just a business; it's a way for Dennis and Kevin to encourage others to slow down, relax, connect with friends, and create lasting memories.

    They hope Cigar Mafia cigars allow others a chance to slow down and relax, connect with friends, and create lasting memories.

    Kevin Reinhart

    Kevin Reinhart is a world-traveling, Fortune 500 company businessman whose passion for the Buffalo Bills keeps his heart in NY and his ego humble. Although formally educated, receiving his MBA from the University at Buffalo School of Management, Kevin's knowledge and sentiment for fine cigars make him a valuable asset to Cigar Mafia. 

    As a dedicated father and devoted husband, Kevin loves fiercely, works hard, and plays even harder. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, especially Dennis, whom he's known since childhood.

    Dennis Scovazzo

    Dennis Scovazzo is a business guru and father who loves living life to its fullest. He is the owner of Small Business Consulting (SBC), a client-centered firm that guides entrepreneurs from start-ups to expansions. With more than 25 years of business experience and an MBA specializing in business strategies, Dennis has been honored with countless awards over his career but finds his most significant accomplishment to be his ability to prioritize his two sons, Tyler and Dylan, while making a successful living. Dennis is also grateful for his wife, Nicole, who supports him in all his endeavors.