Alec Bradley Black Market Vandal Toro (6.2″ x 54) – Pack of 5


Pack of 5

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ABV-PM-1004 Brand: Alec Bradley
Alan Rubin, the owner of Alec Bradley Cigar Company, must never sleep. This man releases 90+ rated, premium handmade cigars year after year after year. And when you learn the story behind Alec Bradley cigars, it’s no wonder he works so hard. The company is named after Alan’s two children, and Alan places his full passion and dedication into making this a family company that anyone could be proud of. Throughout the late 90’s, Alec Bradley cigars were just starting to get their sea legs, and in the early 2000’s, the cigar brand took off. With the release of Alec Bradley Tempus, in 2007, Rubin truly got himself in the cigar aficionado's spotlight. A full-bodied blend, loaded with rich flavor. Tempus is a 94-rated masterpiece. Then, four years later, Prensado​ hit the scene. Earning an insane 96 rating, and named Cigar of the Year, Alec Bradley had finally become a cigar household name. But that’s not the end of the story. Rubin keeps working to make sure his fans can be proud to be part of the Alec Bradley family. Today, Alec Bradley Cigars are made in the the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras - a family owned factory that is truly boutique. Shop Alec Bradley cigars, samplers, and merchandise online today at Cigars International.

A few years ago Alec Bradley Black Market arrived and added another hit to the pantheon of their 90+ rated blends. Black Market has kept a loyal following ever since. But even though you enjoy that 6 oz. burger, every so often you want two patties. Cigar smokers are always looking for a little bit more, and so AB delivers.

Black Market Vandal starts with a familiar Nicaraguan Cuban-seed wrapper over the top of an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder. Inside that you’ll find long-fillers from four different countries, and what ramps Vandal up a notch or three is a raucous single-leaf of undisclosed origin that pumps up the spice. The flavors are bold and satisfying with plenty of spices and pepper throughout the journey. If you liked Black Market, you’re going to love Black Market Vandal.









Pack of 5




(6.2" x 54)






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