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    The White Owl New Yorker is a cigar that promises an aromatic smoke that is truly captivating. With its mild strength, this cigar is the perfect choice for the hardworking individual seeking an everyday indulgence. Crafted with White Owl's finest homogenized wrapper and binder, these cigars boast a firm roll and a consistent burn that never fails to impress.

    Measuring at 5 ⅞ inches in length and featuring a ring gauge of 41, the White Owl New Yorker guarantees an effortless draw that will enhance your smoking experience. Manufactured in Dothan, Alabama, these cigars are a testament to White Owl's commitment to excellence. Blending tobaccos from five different countries, they offer a unique and enriching taste that will please even the most discerning palate.

    Available in cost-effective boxed sets of 50 units, these machine-made cigars have been delighting generations of smokers since 1887. Their enduring quality is a testament to their timeless appeal. White Owl offers a wide range of flavors and sizes, ensuring that there is a cigar to suit every individual's taste.

    As you search for a daily affordable luxury, look no further than the White Owl New Yorker. Its enticing aroma, exceptional craftsmanship, and satisfying flavors make it the perfect choice for any cigar enthusiast. Treat yourself to the enduring delight that only White Owl can provide.