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Uncle Bogey's Bag O' Stogies II

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Profile: Varied
Golf’s tough, but buying cigars doesn’t have to be. So I’ll make it real easy: mellow, slow-burning Churchills from 5 Vegas, HC Series, and Arganese all in one tidy package. Plus, I’m slicing the price and not yelling fore, because when this ball of handmade cigar goodness lands on your head, you’re going to be buying me a drink at the 19th hole. Maybe I can’t improve your score, but I can make sure that whether you leave the course cheering, or snapping your driver in half, you’ll have a great selection of stogies to enjoy all the way through. No hazards on this course, just big, smooth, deeply discounted Churchills. Check out Ungle Bogey’s Bag O’ Stogies II today and give yourself fifteen more reasons to get out on the course this weekend.

Uncle Bogey’s Bag O’ Stogies 2 includes:
5 - 5 Vegas GOLD Churchill (7” x 50)
5 – HC Series White Shade Grown Churchill (7” x 48)
5 – Arganese Connecticut Churchill (7” x 50)

Brand: Uncle Bogey's Bag O'

Strength: Varied