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    Swisher Sweets Regular Little cigars are a premium choice for aficionados of natural tobacco cigars. Crafted with Swisher Sweets' unique tobacco blend, the filler offers an exquisite taste and aroma that will captivate your senses. Encased in a natural tobacco sheet wrapper, these cigars harmonize perfectly with the flavors of the filler, ensuring a truly delightful smoking experience. Discover the pure tobacco bliss of Swisher Sweets, devoid of any artificial flavors, except for a delightful touch of mild sweetness that is emblematic of the brand.

    This exclusive 2 carton pack presents an incredible value, containing 10 packs of 20 cigars each. With a slender ring gauge of 22 and a length of 3 inches, these mild-smoke cigars provide a mellow and sweet taste profile that is perfect for everyday enjoyment. Indulge in these quick smokes, offered at a remarkably affordable price, and elevate your smoking ritual to new heights with Swisher Sweets.