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    Optimo Cigarillos Sweet are expertly crafted machine made cigars that combine exceptional quality with a delightful flavor and irresistible aroma. These cigars provide a leisurely and smooth smoking experience, thanks to their slow-burning nature and mild-bodied profile. Made with all-natural tobacco fillers and wrappers, each puff delivers a truly authentic taste. Infused with a touch of natural sweetness, these cigarillos offer a unique and enjoyable smoking journey. To ensure freshness on the go, each box contains 30 foil pouches, each containing two cigars. Experience exceptional value with Optimo Cigarillos Sweet, measuring 4 x 30, perfect for those looking for a satisfying and convenient smoking option.

    Brand: Optimo

    • Shape: Cigarillo
    • Length: 4
    • Gauge: 30
    • Strength: Mild
    • Wrapper: Natural
    • Flavored: Yes
    • Filler: Natural
    • Binder: