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    Neos Feelings Filtered Ruby (Cherry) Cigars are crafted with the utmost care, showcasing a delectable fusion of hand-selected, premium Virginian and Burley tobacco fillers. Expertly infused with captivating black cherry flavors, these cigars take indulgence to new heights. With a legacy spanning over 90 years, Neos is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious blends.

    Immerse yourself in the mild yet satisfying blend, boasting a rich flavor and a sweet aroma that lingers in the air. These mini cigars are a delightful treat, making them the ultimate choice for those seeking a dessert-like smoke. Each tin holds these exquisite cigars, ensuring their presentation matches their exceptional quality. Discover the world's finest dessert cigar with Neos Feelings Filtered Ruby (Cherry) Cigars.