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    Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro entices cigar connoisseurs seeking a truly exceptional smoking experience. Handmade in Honduras, this exquisite cigar showcases the expertise of master artisans who delicately craft it to perfection.

    Using only the finest Honduran long fillers and binder, each Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro is meticulously adorned with a lustrous Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf wrapper. Its reddish-brown, oily appearance hints at the complex flavors that lie within.

    Embark on a sensorial journey as you indulge in this medium to full-bodied blend. Piney and floral notes dance on the palate, complemented by a delightful tangy citrus undertone. With each puff, the harmonious balance of flavors unfolds, captivating your senses.

    What truly sets Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro apart is its natural aging process. Each individual cigar is nestled within a raw tobacco leaf, allowing it to mature gracefully and maintain its remarkable freshness.

    Carefully crafted for perfection, this 6 x 52 Toro boasts an even burn and produces a solid ash, ensuring a pleasurable and consistent smoke from start to finish.

    Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro is available in bundles of 20 cigars, offering aficionados an ample supply of premium cigars to savor and share with fellow enthusiasts. Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship and flavor with Leaf by Oscar Sumatra Toro.

    Brand: Leaf by Oscar

    • Shape: Toro
    • Length: 6
    • Gauge: 52
    • Strength: Medium to Full
    • Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
    • Flavored: No
    • Filler: Honduras
    • Binder: Honduran