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Graycliff Mega-Sampler

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Original price $370.00
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Original price $370.00
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Mafia price $99.99
Profile: Varied
A super-premium assortment that has no equal.

Graycliff is one of the finest, highest-quality cigars on the market. And with prices like this, hey, it had damn well better be. Founded by Avelino Lara, the creator of the famous Cuban Cohiba brand, Graycliff is created specially for the famous 5-star Graycliff hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. Meticulous construction and exquisite tobaccos are the reasons why these are such prestigious cigars, earning top ratings and enjoying a reputation as the pride of the Bahamas. This collection gives you the ultimate tasting of Graycliff's finest, all at an intro price topping out at $270 off regular retails.

Graycliff Mega-Sampler includes:
4 – Graycliff Profesionale PG (5.2”x50)
4 – Graycliff Double Espresso Series PGS (4.5”x54)
4 – Graycliff Original PG (5.2”x50)
4 – Graycliff 30 Year Vintage PG (5.2”x50)
4 – Graycliff 10 Year Vintage Maduro PG (5.2”x50)

Brand: Graycliff

Strength: Varied