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    Gold Rush Little Cigars offer a quick and delightful treat with their smooth, domestically-grown tobacco. Each cigar boasts a wonderfully robust flavor profile, all at an affordable price. Sold in 10 packs of 20, they provide unmatched value. These cigars feature a selection of premium, US-grown tobaccos that undergo a special fermentation process, resulting in a distinct and enjoyable flavor. Gold Rush is a brand that belongs to Prime Time International, a highly-regarded manufacturer of quality and affordable tobacco products. These Gold Rush cherry cigars measure 3 ¼ inches in length, with a ring gauge of 20. Indulge in them as a relaxing morning treat or savor a moment of tranquility during your lunch break.

    Brand: Gold Rush

    • Shape: Filtered Cigar
    • Length: 3 7/8
    • Gauge: 20
    • Strength: Mild
    • Wrapper: Natural
    • Flavored: No
    • Filler: Natural
    • Binder: