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    The Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe cigars are crafted with meticulously selected Cuban-Seed fillers, resulting in a tantalizing blend of flavors. Each puff unveils a perfect balance of sugar maple, vanilla, and bourbon notes, creating a truly delightful smoking experience. The aromatic smoke and savory taste of these cigars will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

    To enhance the overall smoking pleasure, the Cuban-Seed filler harmoniously combines with the natural Connecticut wrapper, which adds a touch of peppery richness to the blend. The cigars are impeccably bound with an exquisite homogenized leaf, ensuring a mild and smooth smoke that can be savored at a leisurely pace.

    Manufactured by Altadis USA, Inc., these machine-made cigars have been captivating tobacco enthusiasts since they were first introduced in Puerto Rico in 1911. The Corona size, measuring 5 ⅝ inches with a ring gauge of 42, is highly sought after and revered by connoisseurs worldwide. Its popularity is a testament to the exceptional quality and timeless appeal of this classic cigar style.

    Brand: Dutch Masters

    • Shape: Cigarillo
    • Length: 5 5/8
    • Gauge: 42
    • Strength: Mild
    • Wrapper: Natural
    • Flavored: No
    • Filler: Natural
    • Binder: