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    Introducing Cheyenne Xotic Berry Filtered Cigars - a must-have for enthusiasts who appreciate distinctly flavored and filtered cigars. These US-made gems feature a short tobacco filler that's perfectly rolled in a homogenized wrapper, delivering a truly satisfying smoking experience during your well-deserved breaks.

    At just 3 ‚Öû inches long with a ring gauge of 20, these cigars are crafted to perfection, ensuring every puff is a delightful infusion of flavor. Whether you savor it slowly or enjoy a quick indulgence, Cheyenne filtered cigars offer a pronounced taste and a soothing aroma that cigar connoisseurs adore.

    Pioneered by Cheyenne International in 2004, this line of high-quality filtered cigars has garnered a dedicated following over the past decade. With a commitment to affordability without compromising on quality, Cheyenne has become one of the most beloved brands in the country. Experience the pleasure and affordability of Cheyenne Xotic Berry Filtered Cigars today!