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  • 601-green

    The 601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco is an extraordinary cigar. Its construction is flawless, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that 601 Cigars is known for. With no soft spots and virtually invisible seams, this Nicaraguan "puro" features a sleek Habano Oscuro wrapper that boasts a dark chocolate brown color, minimal veins, and an appealing oily sheen.

    What sets the 601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco apart is its leisurely burn, producing a substantial, creamy smoke that fills the room with a delightful aroma. As soon as you ignite this full-bodied stick, a complex blend of black pepper flavors takes center stage, complemented by earthy and nutty undertones, as well as hints of coffee and cocoa. From the moment you light it to the very end, this cigar will keep your taste buds engaged and intrigued. Expect a solid hour and a half of smoking pleasure, with a lingering, satisfying finish that will leave you craving for more.

    Brand: Espinosa

    • Shape: Toro
    • Length: 6 1/8
    • Gauge: 58
    • Strength: Full
    • Wrapper: Oscuro
    • Flavored: No
    • Filler: Nicaraguan
    • Binder: Nicaraguann