Cuesta-Rey Centenario

Cuesta-Rey Centenario

Cameo, No. 60, No. 60 Maduro, No. 7, No. 7 Maduro, No. 9, No. 9 Maduro


Profile: Medium

Brand: Cuesta-Rey
Additional Info

The Cuesta Rey Centenario Collection uses only the finest aged long filler tobaccos which are skillfully blended with Dominican Binder tobacco. This “bunch” is then hand-rolled with either Connecticut Shade “natural” or Connecticut Broadleaf Sun Grown dark “maduro” wrapper tobaccos. These “Vintage” wrapper tobaccos are aged for an average of five years before they are sorted for their color, texture, and overall quality. Only the finest wrappers survive this painstaking grading process, these superior quality wrappers are then given to the master cigar rollers who skillfully roll them with the bunches carefully created with their rolling partners.

Finally every Cuesta Rey Centenario Collection cigar is aged inside a special cedar lined humidor for 120 days. It is at this point that the various individual tobaccos in the cigar become one smooth, compatible blend. The result is a consistently superb tasting cigar – one that would make Senor Cuesta so very proud.

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