Ashton ESG Cigars

Ashton ESG Cigars

20 Year Salute, 21 Year Salute, 22 Year Salute, 23 Year Salute, 24 Year Salute


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ESG… Extra Special Good?

Ashton ESG is one of the rarest cigars on the market, no doubt. But if you have the cash and you can get your hands on some, you’re in for a truly memorable experience. Carefully crafted at the renowned Arturo Fuente factory, ESG (Estate Sun Grown) employs an extremely scarce Dominican Sun Grown wrapper – a dark and oily leaf that’s grown within the Fuente Estate.

Ashton’s ESG is a perfectly rolled cigar, utilizing rare and well aged tobaccos to create a unique, full-bodied profile. Notes of leather, spices, nuts, earth and wood are perfectly balanced and delivered in remarkably smooth fashion. If you can only try one cigar in the Ashton profile, flip a coin between this and VSG. Each will treat you equally well.

Ashton ESG 22-Yr Salute received a most impressive 94-point score noting: “Marvelous notes of rich graham cracker and cracked black pepper concentrate with a creamy vibrancy in a consistent, precise draw. Buttery accents of sweet cedar segue into a seductive full-bodied finale.”

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