5 Vegas Triple-A

5 Vegas Triple-A

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5 Vegas AJ… A Match Made in Heaven

I don’t want to overstate it, but this cigar is an opportunity for moral improvement….something to enrich your future, broaden your horizons and elevate your standing among peers. It’s widely accepted among cigar experts that your transformation from deviant to upstanding citizen will be complete after nubbing your first 5 Vegas Triple-A. I made that up. But it’s true that if you like gloriously full and rich, deep and dense blends, you are gonna find Triple-A shockingly refreshing.

This devilish handmade is a marvelous creation of bold, finely aged tobaccos precision blended to generate a uniquely satisfying profile. The heart of this blend is its Cuban-seed Nicaraguan ligeros. Fillers from Esteli were chosen for richness and body, Condega fillers were added to promote a dense, aromatic bouquet, and tobaccos from Jalapa contribute balance and smoothness. Together this fine recipe, when topped off with a thick and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper – a coal-black beauty that generates a rich array of searing flavors – delivers a full-flavored experience to the core, with cascading notes of oak, leather, espresso, and toasty spices throughout. A hint of sweetness lingers after each puff, just before the dense, charcoal-like aroma fills the nostrils. Each of the flavors seems to come consecutively, a series of layered sensations that hits your senses without overwhelming the palate at any given point.

Man. I just re-read that. Was it over the top? All I know is I am diggin’ this cigar – it’s become #1 in my rotation among full-bodied ‘gars.

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