5 Vegas Cigars ain’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill handmades. Steeped in over 100 years of tradition, the 5 Vegas family of cigars showcases the spirit of Old School Cuba with a modern twist for today’s cigar enthusiast. The tradition all began with the 5 Vegas Classic. The highest-rated non-Cuban cigar in a blind taste test, 5 Vegas Classic has been bringing the masses a delicious medium bodied blend for two decades now.

If you’re looking for a handmade cigar that’s a little smoother, check out 5 Vegas Gold. This blend is a mixture of five year aged long-filler tobaccos, under a seamless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Lighting it up you’ll get delicious flavors of toast, nuts, and a natural tobacco sweetness.

This isn’t all 5 Vegas has to offer. Each and every blend under this portfolio has been extensively researched and tested, to ensure that the product you receive is one of the best cigars you’ll ever lay your hands on. And the best part of all — each 5 Vegas blend is matched up with an incredibly low price, making these a treat you can enjoy time and time again.

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