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    3 min read

    Cigar 101

    What's the Big Deal, Eh?

    Listen, kid, a cigar ain't just a roll of tobacco. It's a statement, got it?

    Why the Fuss?

    Cigars are the Godfather of the tobacco world. When you light one up, you’re somebody.

    What’s the Plan?

    Sit tight. I’m gonna give you the whole rundown, capisce?

    The Anatomy: The Crew of a Cigar

    The Wrapper: The Front Man

    This is the face of your operation. Dark like a mobster's soul or light like their humor.

    The Binder: The Enforcer

    Keeps everyone in line. You got a problem with the filler, the binder sorts it out.

    The Filler: The Soldiers

    These guys do the heavy lifting. Long-filler for the bosses, short-filler for the grunts.

    The Lineup: Types of Cigars

    Robusto: The Muscle

    Short, stout, packs a punch. The enforcer of cigars.

    Churchill: The Diplomat

    Long, smooth talker. Thinks he’s Winston Churchill or something.

    Corona: Mr. Balanced

    Middle of the road, you know? Good for when you’re laying low.

    Torpedo: The Specialist

    Got a pointed end, for when you need something done precise.

    Panatela: The Snitch

    Long and thin; don't let the size fool you. He's got info.

    The Measurements: Sizing Up the Crew

    Length: The Height of the Operation

    Measured in inches. The longer the cigar, the longer you’re in business.

    Ring Gauge: The Weight

    How fat your cigar is. Bigger ain’t always better, but it’s a good start.

    Size Chart: The Family Tree

    Know your sizes. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

    Picking Your Partner: Choosing a Cigar

    Budget: The Score

    How much you got? More dough, better cigar.

    Flavor Profile: The Personality

    You like it strong like a mob boss or mild like a rookie?

    Occasion: The Event

    Daily grind or a big score, pick accordingly.

    The First Cut: How to Cut a Cigar

    Guillotine: The Hitman

    Clean and quick, like taking care of business.

    V-Cut: The Trickster

    Fancy, but it can backfire.

    Punch Cutter: The Brawler

    Makes a hole, no fuss. Like punching a guy in the face.

    Best Practices: The Code

    Keep your tools sharp, kid. Don't mess this up.

    Lighting Up: Ignition Time

    Matches vs. Lighters: Old School vs. New School

    Matches for tradition, lighters for when you're on the clock.

    Toasting the Foot: Warming Up

    Take your time, or you’ll end up burning more than just cigars.

    Initial Puffs: Starting Off

    Easy does it. This ain’t a race.

    The Art of Smoking: How to Smoke

    Puffing: Breathing Easy

    Take it slow, like you’re sipping fine wine. Or good scotch.

    Holding: The Grip

    Hold it like you mean it, but don't crush it.

    Ashing: Cleaning Up

    Tap it gently. No need to make a mess.

    The Pairing: Food & Drink

    Alcoholic: The Good Stuff

    Whiskey for the bosses, rum for the crew.

    Non-Alcoholic: The Clean Slate

    Coffee for planning, chocolate for celebrating.

    Etiquette: The Rules of the Game

    Public Spaces: Territory

    Know where you’re welcome and where you’re not.

    Sharing: The Family

    You share, but not what’s already yours.

    Cigar Lounges: The Hideout

    Respect the place, respect the rules.

    Storage: The Vault

    Humidors: The Safehouse

    Keep your cigars like you keep your secrets: locked away.

    Travel Cases: The Getaway

    For when you need to make a quick exit.

    Hygrometer: The Insider

    Keep tabs on the humidity, like you would on your crew.

    FAQs: Loose Ends

    Common Questions

    Inhale? Fuggetaboutit. How long’s it last? Depends on how fast you smoke, kid.

    Conclusion: The Last Word

    Final Thoughts

    You're in the family now. Don't screw it up.

    More Info: The Library

    Read up, kid. Knowledge is power, even in our business.